LLTCA logo - a tree surrounded by text: "Laurencetown, Lenaderg & Tullylish Community Association"Laurencetown, Lenaderg & Tullylish Community Association, which owns Laurencetown Community Centre, is run by a management committe of local volunteers.

LLTCA employs a Community Development Manager and part-time Centre Caretaker. In addition, there are currently three staff members who are funded by Children in Need, who deliver services and activities for any young person with ASD who is able to attend from across the Trust area. We also have two youth workers – Jamie who works on a Thursday night with the Senior Youth Club and Niamh who manages the Junior Youth Club on a Friday night.

We are financially supported by Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council and the Southern Health & Social Care Trust. The additional money that is required to cover the running costs of the centre comes from rent from regular centre users such as Laurencetown Pre-School, Chest, Heart & Stroke, the ProActive BIG Lottery funded project and LLT Women’s Group. We also get a small amount of revenue kindly donated from birthday parties and other occasional group hire events.

LLTCA is always open to ideas from the local community for activities in the centre. So please call in or contact us if you have any ideas or suggestions.

Check the activities section to see the regular activities taking place in the Community Centre.

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Our Staff Members

Our dedicated staff members work hard to provide a range of services and support to local residents. They are:

Claire PatienceCommunity Development Manager

Sheila MonaghanCentre Caretaker

Jamie Vincent & Niamh CurranYouth Officers

Shauney MannKeep ‘er Lit Co-ordinator

Naomi McDowellAfter School Club Leader

Contact our staff members here.

Our Management Committee

Our management committee is made up of local residents who want to help the community develop further to improve the lives of all our residents.

Mel Byrne

Mel is a Health Trust employee with strong experience in HR.

Norman Kerr Treasurer

Helen MateerChair

Helen also sits on the Pre-School Management Committee.

Patricia McConnonSecretary

Patrician is a volunteer with Pre-School, a Parent & Toddler Committee Member, and an After School Leader. She also facilitates the Out & About Group.

Bronagh Mayes

Bronagh is a Community Health Champion.

Jim Bell

Jim brings team and project management and budget control experience from his role as a senior manager in BT.

John Doyle

John is a long-standing committee member with strong financial experience.

Kevin Savage

Kevin has three young children, is on the committee of the local GAA club and coaches one of the teams. He’s a member of the local council and is on the following committees: Planning, Community Planning and Strategy, and Economic Development.

Maureen Conlon

Maureen has a strong interest in community events.

Our Youth Steering Group

Last but by no means least, meet the members of our fantastic new Youth Steering Group:

Megan McKiveriganChair

Age: 17
Occupation: Volunteer Youth Leader with ProActive Youth Club
Likes: Socialising
Dislikes: Clowns


Stephen DoranVice Chair
Age: 17
Occupation: Apprentice Joiner
Likes: Food, outdoor activities
Dislikes: Snakes


Molly ToppingSecretary
Age: 15
Occupation: Student, Volunteer with Keep ‘Er Lit Youth Club. Molly raised money to buy the defibrillator for the Community Centre in 2017
Likes: Snapchat and make-up
Dislikes: School, outdoor activities and heights


Rachel CarberryAssistant Secretary
Age: 15
Occupation: Student, Volunteer with Keep ‘Er Lit
Likes: Football and make up
Dislikes: Cats and dishonesty


Eoin McAlindenPublic Relations Officer
Age: 17
Occupation: Apprentice Tiler
Likes: Football, PS4
Dislikes: Heights, swimming


Keeva DevineCommittee Member
Age: 16
Occupation: Student. Keeva played the lead role in an anti-bullying video and helped raise the funding to buy the defibrillator for the Community Centre in 2017


Emma DevineCommittee Member
Age: 15
Occupation: Student
Likes: Snapchat, Facebook
Dislikes: Outdoor activities


Kalem LynchCommittee Member
Age: 17
Occupation: Student, Volunteer Youth Leader in ProActive Youth Club
Likes: Football and seriously strong cheddar
Dislikes: Beetroot and stony beaches


Sarah MiltonCommittee Member
Age: 16
Occupation: Student, Volunteer with Keep ‘er Lit Youth Club, helped raise the funding to buy the defibrillator for the Community Centre in 2017
Likes: Make up and coming to the Community Centre Youth Club
Dislikes: Heights


Curtis ByrneCommittee Member
Age: 18
Occupation: Transport Manager
Likes: Cars, trucks, expensive shirts and Dealer boots
Dislikes: Bad drivers, cyclists, Corona and track suit bottoms


Michael McConnonCommittee Member
Age: 17
Occupation: Volunteer Youth Leader in ProActive Youth Club


Saoirse Harries Committee Member
Age: 15
Occupation: Student, Volunteer with Keep ‘er Lit Youth Club
Likes: Makeup
Dislikes: Cheese & Onion crisps

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote the benefit of the inhabitants of the Laurencetown Lenaderg and Tullylish (LLT) Area without distinction of sex, race or political, religious or other opinions by advancing education and providing facilities in the interest of social welfare for recreation and other leisure time occupation with the object of improving the conditions of life for the said inhabitants. The direct benefits that flow from this purpose include improved health and wellbeing of all people in the LLT area; provision of services and facilities to allow our young people to play in a safe and mutually respectful environment and to interact positively on an intergenerational basis; provision of a varied programme of activities to facilitate social interaction, increase recreational opportunities and encourage life long learning; services for older people in our community with a view to improving their health and wellbeing and maintaining their independence; an area that is attractive and somewhere people are proud to live.