Warning: Old LLTCA BTinternet email issue

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Photo of padlock resting on laptopOur old lltca@btinternet.com email address has been used in a ‘spoofing’ attack. Please do not reply to any emails that seem to come from this address, which will no longer be used for LLTCA communication.

The current and correct general enquiries email address is enquiries@lltca.com.

We initially thought the email account had been hacked, however, after investigating we can see that the account is secure. The email did not come from the LLTCA account and no data has been compromised. The email address was used in a ‘spoofing’ attack, where a spammer sends an email from their own account but makes it look as though it came from a different account. This is a common form of spam – you can read more about it here.

In general, always be wary of emails (or messages sent over social media) that seem to come from someone you know, asking for help. If in doubt, phone the person involved rather than replying to the email.

You can find useful information on staying safe online at https://www.getsafeonline.org.