Laurencetown Community Fridge

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LLTCA has established a Community Fridge. The idea is that anyone can take items they see in the fridge/freezer and on the shelves that they will use and also people can leave off any items that they don’t think they will need before they go out of date. More information about the types of things that can be donated is on the side of the fridge.
Laurencetown’s fridge is situated just inside our lockable gate at the main entrance at the Centre. It will be accessible when the centre is open. We are registering with a couple of food sharing schemes locally – so that is how we propose this to operate in the long term alongside people leaving food that they don’t need/won’t use before it goes off.
Community fridges are not a new thing (there are over 450 across the UK). We had thought about doing this a number of months ago – but now seems like an good time to put it in place.
This is a great way to minimise food waste (if someone has too much of something e.g. onions/tomatoes/fruit that will go out of date, they can leave it into the Fridge for others to use) and is also a good way to open up food supplies to someone who is in need. If someone needs a few onions, some chicken etc then they can go to the fridge and see what is there. while also providing food to those who most need it in the area.