Connecting the Community

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Connecting the Community is a new four year funded project which aims is to develop new services to meet the needs of those aged 65+ living within a 5-mile radius of Laurencetown and to ensure existing services are better understood and accessible to them. It seeks to address the increasing risk of loneliness and isolation and seeks to enable people over 65 to have strong, trustworthy and dependable support structures in place that have a positive impact on their mental and physical health and those they care for.


The main strands include: increase older people’s IT skills through tailored support; offer time out for older carers; provide a befriending service;  promote the area’s existing Good Morning Call service, provide a signposting service and enhance links with existing services.


Volunteering will be key to making this work.


Contact Sharon at the Community Centre by emailing or ringing 028 4062 3770